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Sherbet Creamsicle


I had been eyeing down that pink and orange headed picture for awhile, and when something stays in your head your just supposed to do it. With help from my two co workers, they nailed my inspiration hair.

How to:

Step 1: Joico bleach 30v on virgin root for 30 minutes. When rinsing soap cap through for one second so the purple desinagrates.

Step 2: Toned with 9V PM Shines for 10 Minutes. (done by Linds)

Step 3: Keratin Treatment :)

Step 4. (Following day) Root to mid shaft Hot pink ink works mixed with conditioner and 2 squirts of Pravana magenta. Ends: Pravana neon orange with too cute coral equal parts. (done by Michelle)

Stylists: Michelle Barone & Lindsay Boldt

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