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Meesh's hair makeover

Hereeee we go.

Step 1: Extensions were removed (why it looks extra scary).

Step 2: Bleach root to midshaft, Joico bleach 40V with Olaplex. taking small sections and using foil to keep the heat lifting the hair. Dryer for 20 minutes, then running bleach through ends with 20 volume trying to get the pravana blue/green out which you can see was an epic FAIL.

Step 3: Deciding what color to make her hair to cover and tone out the green. Purple was our only option. Purple is ALWAYS a good idea. :)

Step 4: Meesh performed a Keratin treamtent on herself like a good girl.

Step 5: (following week) So cap Bonded extensions were put back into her head.

Step 6: Pravana purple roots faded to Pravana silver ends.

Curls done by Meesh herself, Braid done by Mandy.

Silver Metallic

Using The Right Products