Wear your passion.

Silver Metallic

Momma wanted to be a smokey fire grey, so we made her exactly that.

Step 1: Balayaging every section of her head with Joico bleach 30 volume 30 minutes. ( 2 separate times 2 months apart, her hair was previously pravana red)

Step 2: (next day) 6AA Paul mitchell xG The Color 10 volume on her root with the blue additive. 8SM Kenra 10 Volume on her ends, all sat for 30 minutes

Step 3. Rinsed & Shampooed. 6pn Paul mitchell 10 Volume at the sink through ends for a minute or two.

Step 4. Trim, Blowout & Style

This color is NOT for everybody. Being My mom is a hairdresser as well, she will be able to keep up with the greyish tone because it washes out so easily. I chose to do this process in 2 separate days to let the cuticle close a little and hoping it will help the grey stay in a little longer! Thank you guys for coming to check into my blog, I am super super busy but try to get on here as often as i can! The more feedback i see from people on insta regarding questions on formulas the more i will try to come on to give you some secrets! xoxoxo

Fantasy Fuchsia

Meesh's hair makeover