Wear your passion.

Dusted Silver


This is my badass friend Kelsey. You will never see her on the streets as a basic bitch. Every 3 months she's in my chair and she has my brain and arms working magic. Depending on how her hair fades when she leaves she will use manic panic or some sort of fantasy color on it to maintain    it. She also uses all the right products and only washes it once a week so that her hair doesn't fall off. Her hair 3 months ago was mystical mint pravana. She had used manic panic light blue i believe on top of the green while she was waiting to come back in. She wanted to just be a grayish silver so we granted her wish.

Step1: Joico Bleach 40 Volume on her root (30 doesn't lift it as light as we need)

Step2: Wash twice (SHIMMERLIGHTS is key to all the blondes)

Step 3: Blow-dry almost completely dry

Step4: Formula 1 oz Kenra 10sm 1oz Kenra 7sm 2 oz 10 volume. Application to root through mid shaft leaving ends alone. Let sit for 30 minutes

Step 5: Trim Blow-dry & Style !


Fantasy Fuchsia