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Fantasy Fuchsia


Hey Guys! I haven't blogged in months and my new years resolution was to try and keep up with this some more!! I am so so busy, always focusing on something new for the line as well as being in the salon 5 days a week for crazy hours! I want to try to focus a little more on formulas, How to's and other day to day hair things!! I have only been able to take a few new clients in the past year. It is almost impossible to get all of my regular clients in and be able to reschedule their appointments. This week I was able to see two new faces who I absolutely adored.

Ashley came into the salon and sat in my chair with a MILLION different colors in her hair. She explained to me she has had all different vivids, its been bleached, and she has not gotten it trimmed in who knows how long. (hair school will do this to you :) ) She mentioned not caring what we did, she even said we could just make it all brown if that would be best. It was so dry and damaged and she put all of her trust in me to do what was best for her hair. I had to make a rather quick decision and honestly making it brown would have been the easy way out. But my thought was she already isn't basic, why make her basic?? I had a vision of her with a short pink fuchsia bob (hoping all would go well with lifting the color out that was already in her hair). Being she didn't care about how I cut her hair either, she made this very fun & easy breezy for me :)

Step1: Full foil. Joico 30 Volume + Olaplex. Leaving her ends out of the foils (being it was already blonde)

Step2: Wash in bowl. Color wash Bleach 20 Volume through ends to try to get out any vivids in the ends that were still there. ( I knew I was cutting her hair off so I let it sit for about 5 minutes, watching it the whole time)

Step3: Her ends turned green -_- Pravana Vivids Wild orchid for 15 minutes made the perfect pink!

Step 4: Wash, cut (lots of serum & products, Blowdry & style!!



Hold the Vision, Trust the Process 

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