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The Jae Lace Journey

The Jae Lace Journey


Jae Lace was just a thought in my mind about this time last year. I was sitting here one day thinking to myself  "likeeeee why is there no place to go to get a cute shirt with a freaking scissor on it?". I then I'm like  "well my sister is the sickest artist ever & I need to put her ass to work so I'm gonna". I knew she could draw anything that I wanted her to but instead I said "Lace draw me up something dope that includes a scissor, i don't care what I trust you". In about two days she had a drawing done and my jaw dropped when I saw it. And 2 days later another drawing that blew me away. I had full faith that we were totally onto something & it was going to be better than ever. Since those little days last year theres been a lot of ups & downs in our lives and with a lot positivity, a lot praying & focus we still managed to stay on track and all the pieces slowly started falling together. 

We get asked a lot why we chose the name 'Jae Lace'. Last May we lost our cousin in a car accident. It was shortly after he passed away that this idea even came our way. When we were thinking of names for the company it went without saying that we wanted to do something in memory of him because we strongly believe that Jordan somehow, someway sent this beautiful idea to our brain. The name J-Lace popped into our head & we loved it and there was no going back.

My sister & I ( and mom of course) are a team and we took a big leap into something that none of us knew anything about. I never in a million years would have thought to myself that I would own my own clothing line, its still seems a little crazy to me. I am beyond blessed with so many amazing people in my life who have helped me and remind me daily to believe in myself and its for them that I know all things are possible. My family, friends, clients and most importantly my co-workers have been my biggest supporters throughout this entire journey. I go to my 202 girls for ideas, approval, and the little complaint when theres a bump in the road and they know just what to say for me to keep my head up and keep moving forward. I have the worlds most amazing clients and theres a few special ones who were sent to me for a reason and I could not have done any of this without.

Started from the bottom now we're here- - I can't forget to thank all of you who have supported me, my career & passion on social media from the beginning. That is the one reason that I was even able to have the courage to do something so "balsy" (what some people have been calling it). You guys have given me the confidence to do more than what I ever thought I could, and keep me pushing myself to be a better hairstylist & role-model.

We are more excited than ever for the launch of Jae Lace and we can't wait for you all to see what else we have coming your way. Make sure to check back to the blog atleast once a week; i will be featuring hairstylists along with educational hair tips, photos & videos.

Hope you guys love what we have so far. Stay along for the journey as we shoot for the stars :)


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