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Jae Lace is a new jersey based company created by two sisters with a vision. Cassandra was just a young girl in the craft of hair, and created a large name for herself through her daring color risks and futuristic styles. To some, hair is a job, but for her it has become her entire passion and life, with a large following and demand of her talent. Cass is a leading example of passion and hard work fleeing into an entire brand. Along side her sister, who may be young, and does not do hair- but she's an entire brand in herself. Lacey's artistic abilities long exceed someone of her age. She can take a photo and with only a pencil recreate the entire image detail for detail. Together these two sisters have formed a brand combining both of their talents and passions, though both different, built in the premise of art. Two sisters came together to build the passion child of artistic dedication, and love of hair, for all hair stylists alike.